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How Toy Factories Can Build Their Own Toy Brands


One of the biggest trends in the global toy industry in recent years has been the growth of toy factories launching and building their own brands. This has been especially prominent for toy factories in China, or for companies based in Hong Kong but with factories in China. For many companies the ongoing economic development in China has made it harder to maintain viable businesses delivering toys on a third party manufacturing basis. By launching their own toy brands, toy factories can step out of the rigid and ruthlessly competitive business of making toys for other people and instead launch their own brands for greater margin and to build something of value that they can own.

While this may sound easy, in reality there are thousands of toy companies out there launching new toys and games each and every year, which means it is a competitive market place. There are some advantages factories have though in terms of flexibility and customer service which it is harder for toy companies who don't own their own manufacturing to compete with.

There are also a number of tried and tested processes we have used here at Toy Team Asia to help toy and game factories develop, launch and succeed with their own brands. For more information on how our Consultancy service helps toy factories build their own toy brands, please feel free to get in touch!

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