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What Does A Toy Factory Expert Do?

We often get asked what the work of a Toy manufacturing expert or Toy factory expert involves.

In brief we help our clients to find, validate and work with Toy factories of many types and sizes. We have worked with factories in a broad variety of geographic areas - obviously China, we have to go with China first, because the majority of the world's Toys are produced in China - currently just under 80% of all Toys come from China. But we have also worked extensively across Vietnam, India, Eastern Europe, Mexico, the USA & numerous other locations.

We use our extensive knowledge of what Toy factories are out there to guide the choices of our clients, and we help them to run thorough due diligence on new suppliers. We take our clients on tours of potentially suitable manufacturing locations and facilities, and we work with them through the quotation and certification processes to properly assess the capability of the vendor.

Once our client is happy with the choice of Toy factory then we will help stay in touch with them as required to ensure the factory is performing. And that is pretty much it in a nutshell.

If you have specific manufacturing needs, and if you need outside Consultancy advice (i.e. you have to pay our fees to get our expertise), perhaps we can help, please feel free to get in touch and we'll advise if we can help. Just one word of warning in advance, due to limited capacity we turn down more projects than we take on.


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